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Brand Strategy Approach

Branding is the art of story telling.  Shaping a story grounded in why your business is meaningful.  A power brand will communicate the meaning behind your business; deliver competitive advantage; increase repeat purchase through customer loyalty and stand out in a competitive market space:


The Inspired approach to brand strategy is:


  1. Understand the 'Why' driving your business

  2. Identify and understand your target markets and most attractive customers

  3. Design Brand Strategy to deliver competitive advantage


Brand Elements include:


  • Brand Inventiry

  • Brand Values

  • Functional and emotional benefits

  • Personality

  • Positioning

  • Value Propositions

  • Architecture


brand strategy projects including innkeepers tasmania

Brand Strategy Projects

Inspired by Marketing specialises in Brand Strategy and offers experience across all industries and business types.


Brand Strategy experience by industry includes The Arts, Technology, Health Care, Tourism and Hospitality, Agriculture, Financial Services, Executive Recruitment, Wine, Sport, Transport, Education, Aquaculture, Construction, Events, Professional Services, Real Estate.

Brand strategy testimonials from cruising car rental

Brand Testimonials

"As soon as David arrived things started happening. Our marketing has never been sharper and market share is on the rise"


Michael Birt

Owner and Manager

Cruising Car Rentals