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marketing mentoring

Marketing coaching at all levels

marketing mentoring

Mentoring Approach

Marketing coaching can take many forms. You may have a senior marketing executive who needs a second opinion or a new graduate who needs more frequent steering and structures.


David Inches, founder and lead consultant personally delivers all coaching services to large or small businesses.

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Results Coaching

Enter the Inspired Growth Coach. A highly experienced marketing leader to set your marketing direction and drive implementation to strategy and accountability:

  • Shaping your marketing strategy and plan

  • Working diligently to the highest marketing standards and values

  • Defining roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Proving measurement process and systems

  • Chairing a series of fixed meetings to review the past progress and performance, review next phase programs and explore longer term initiatives

  • Drive accountability through sales and marketing management software solutions

  • Steering the continuous evolution of strategy driving future marketing direction and innovation.

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But we're not...

... your marketing department.  If you engage a personal trainer to loose a few kilos they won't run for you. They set a framework, create an environment and guide you through a purposeful and maximum return journey to achieve your goals.  Your trainer prepares you to sustain your health over time and it's your responsibility to stay focused and accountable between sessions


We're here to walk you down the right path to business growth but you and the marketing team, internal or external need to get marketing fit through dedication and heavy lifting