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Stand-out Marketing for ANY business or DESTINATION

marketing planning approach

Marketing Planning Approach

At the heart of every project's success is a robust Marketing Strategy and Plan.

The most common marketing mistake in business is ad-hoc marketing guided by on the run, gut feelings instead of a calculated approach to growing targeted customer share.

The Inspired Marketing Planning approach includes:

  1. Defining your goals and objectives

  2. Identifying and understand your marketing environment, target markets, priority customers and competitors

  3. Setting Brand and Marketing Strategy

  4. Evolving your product and / or service offer

  5. Creating Segment Communication Plans

  6. Shaping marketing tools (brand identity, photography, copy, websites, social media, PR, advertising)

  7. Launch, monitor and refine over time

marketing planning projects

Tourism Projects

Marketing Planning exists in every Inspired project to different degrees.


Marketing Planning experience by industry includes The Arts, Technology, Health Care, Tourism and Hospitality, Agriculture, Financial Services, Executive Recruitment, Wine, Sport, Transport, Education, Aquaculture, Construction, Events, Professional Services, Real Estate.

marketing planning testimonials


"David extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry and markets in which we play, coupled with a pragmatic and engaging style helped to deliver professional Brand Strategies within two of our largest businesses. He was able to create the right balance between keeping the project on track whilst still providing people enough space & support to build their own capability and balance their other priorities"


Sam Gorringe

Head of Strategic Planning

Federal Group