The Brand Story - A Tale Worth Telling

The most effective way to market your brand is by telling a consistent, compelling story throughout every aspect of your business. Traditional advertising which merely tells a consumer what a product or service does only engages the language processing parts of the brain. A narrative, however, engages the entire brain as it responds to the cause and effect structure of stories.

Whilst your business may not be as well-known as Apple, it is possible to adopt the same storytelling techniques for business success. From the story of its founder to its logo, Apple has a tale that is as much about the clients as it is about the company.

Make Your Brand Story Consistent

Whether a client is reading a business card or browsing your website, your brand should have a common thread throughout. Revisit your mission statement and make sure that the values contained within are reflected in your brand story. Select a few key words which capture those values and use them to build your brand narrative. Infuse your story into logos, slogans, business cards and advertising campaigns by building

them around these key words.

Make It Personal

Human beings are social creatures who respond to a well-crafted story that appeals to their emotions. Identify potential clients and develop an authentic, honest brand story which targets your audience. You might be a third generation family business or a start-up that got off the ground with crowd funding. Incorporate part of your own story into your brand narrative in order to engage clients at a personal level.

Make It About The Clients

A successful business always focuses on its clients. There is no more powerful way to convey this message than to allow clients to be part of your brand narrative. Use social media or advertising campaigns in which clients present the problem they were faced with and how your business solved it. This allows potential clients to identify directly with other customers and develop an emotional attachment to your brand.

Keep It Simple

A direct, simple brand story can raise your profile. Remember that it should:

  • reflect your company values

  • be consistent

  • be honest and authentic

  • tell part of your own story

  • incorporate clients’ stories

Forget about bombarding customers with long, detailed expositions. Develop a brand story and watch your company’s image grow in the marketplace.

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