7 Ways to Build Your Brand's Credibility with Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating, sharing and publishing content (often on social media) to attract and retain potential customers. But effective content marketing is more complex than simply starting a blog or eNewseltter. Here are seven ways to keep your content marketing on target.

1. Create Your Own

Ensure content is original and professionally presented. From editing to publishing to graphics, your brand can establish its authenticity with well-researched, visually-appealing content. New information and proven data make your content more likely to be shared, promoting your brand as a market leader.

2. Know Your Customers

Identify the platforms being used by your customers and focus on them. A young hipster client base may respond to Twitter feeds whereas conservative customers may prefer traditional blogs. Integrate your content across different platforms which engage your target market.

3. Tell Stories

The human brain releases feel-good oxytocin when engrossed by a compelling story. Present true stories that create an emotional link between your product and the customer. Personal stories about you and your employees can create a distinctive identity for your brand.

4. Make Customers the Heroes

Content marketing is the opposite of direct advertising. Elevate your brand by allowing customers to tell the story for you. Sharpie, the pen manufacturing company, has heightened its success with a blog which is full of customer content. From pictures of sharpie-painted flip flops to a report about an artist who creates murals with sharpies, this company shows how customers can be the central focus of content marketing.

5. Value-Add

Allow customers to benefit by engaging with your content. Your sites need to be recognized as places to obtain trustworthy, useful information rather than advertising spam. The Kraft website has a large, loyal following due to its recipes and coupons. Give your customers a reason revisit.

6. Be Interactive

Rather than simply posting content, encourage community engagement and respond to customer comments. Maintain your credibility by contacting customers directly if they mention a problem on one of your platforms.

7. Contribute to Other Blogs

Identify blogs which are market leaders in your particular industry and offer to contribute content. This will position your brand as an expert voice in the industry and allow for cross-promotion with your own sites.

Take time to plan your content marketing strategy carefully. With the right approach, there is no quicker way to promote your brand’s credibility and visibility in the marketplace.


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