Why video is the new king of content

Creativity Key for Video In Content

The importance of video in content when marketing your business cannot be overestimated. Online videos are rapidly evolving as the favored medium for consumers to access news, product information and entertainment. Today people are looking for content that is engaging, interactive and easy to digest. Video in content fulfills all of these functions and many more.

One of the most exciting things about video in content as a marketing tool is how easy and cost-effective it has become to produce. The playing field has never been as level as it is today giving even small businesses the capacity to produce professional marketing content which can be promoted on multiple platforms. The major players for sharing video content, such as Youtube and Twitter are well known, but there are many other sites that can be harnessed to reach specific audiences.

Savvy marketers are adapting to the importance of video in content. In a Nielsen poll 64% of respondents shared the view that video content would become their central marketing strategy. Given that Youtube alone garners over a billion visitors a month, no business can afford not to harness the power of video content in their marketing.

Of course not all video content is created equal. In order to maximize the power of video marketing you must have a clearly defined purpose in mind for each video you produce or share. Is your aim to create brand awareness, generate a lead or make a sale? Each of these goals requires a different approach and style. Ask yourself would your business best be served by a product demonstration, customer testimonial or a cheeky teaser video? Should you make use of animation, slideshows or live streaming?

No matter which approach you choose, the key to successful video content is to fire the imagination of the viewer and create an emotional connection. A picture may paint a thousand words but James McQuivey found in his Forrester study that a video is worth 1.8 millions words, providing incredible potential for marketers to tap into the hearts and minds of their target audiences. In this exciting new world where the importance of video in content is only going to become more pronounced, marketers must be authentic, creative and unafraid to take some risks.

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