Why you need to blog

Despite the popularity of blogging as a marketing tool this question is still asked by business owners. Many don’t understand just how blogs work or if they are really that necessary.

There are many benefits to running a blog, but for brevity’s sake I’ll break it down to the top three reasons every business should include a blog in their marketing platform.

1. Brand identity. When you’re producing blog posts on a regular basis you’re forced to really analyze and refine your company’s message. Marketing is all about perception and the time and effort devoted to maintaining a blog is more than rewarded by a much more focused understanding of the image you want to project. This is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Blogging also provides an opportunity for businesses to establish themselves as leaders in their field through relevant, informative posts on industry news and events.

2. SEO linking. Just about everyone in business wants to maximize their online presence. Blogs provide an ideal way to achieve this because every post added to your blog is indexed, meaning that it increases your chances of being found through keyword searches. This drives potential customers to your website, creating strong leads. Your blog posts can also be promoted and shared through social media, meeting the need for regular, unique content.

3. Analytics. While a blog is fairly easy to set up and maintain, the information that can be gathered from your blog is highly sophisticated. Analytics will show which keywords people used to find your blog, which posts they looked at while they were there and how long they spent looking at each post. You can analyze trends in your blog traffic, allowing you to work out which content attracted the most attention and the best times to add new posts. You can also see which traffic is being referred to your blog from other sites. There are many metrics tools available for blogs which are free or low cost and easy to use.

These are just three answers to the question why do I need a blog? There are many more reasons why a blog is an essential tool for business today and one which should be used to its full potential.

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