Go Viral: How Video Microsites Promote Your Brand Story

According to a Nielsen Norman Group study, visitors are reading 20% of the words on your website.

This has implications if you wish to have a successful web presence. A video microsite can overcome the “click and flick” habits of today’s web users. Correctly implemented, it can enhance your brand story and complement your other marketing campaigns.

Video Microsites

Video microsites should not be confused with videos that have been embedded into your company’s main website. A microsite has a dedicated web address and focuses on one aspect of your brand. Domino’s pizza made excellent use of its video microsite to promote the development of its DXP delivery vehicles. This website highlights one feature of the company which reinforces its image as an innovative business.

Best Uses for a Video Microsite

Microsites work best when they are part of an overall brand strategy. They should be used discerningly to attract attention and promote a new feature. Use a video microsite to:

  • highlight a particular product

  • launch a marketing campaign

  • inspire a particular call to action

If you introduce new products on a seasonal basis or need to reach a wider audience, a video microsite can quickly help your brand gain traction in the marketplace.

Benefits of a Video Microsite

The information on your microsite is readily available at all times. Users can even download it for later reference. Since visual information is far more engaging that text, your message is more likely to reach potential customers. It can be easily updated as your promotional needs change.

A typical website contains too much data for today’s web users. Websites which include text, images, videos and links often load poorly on devices such as cell phones. A micro website can ensure that your message is focused and accessible.

Important Factors to Consider

As with all marketing strategies, a video microsite will only be effective if it is carefully planned and executed. Here are important considerations when developing a video microsite. It should:

  • segue with your brand image and overall marketing campaign

  • load correctly on multiple devices such as cell phones and tablets

  • be engaging and focus on a single aspect of your brand

  • have its own domain

In order to improve your brand story, develop a video microsite. A video campaign which goes viral is the best brand promotion that money can buy.

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