eNewsletters: How To Avoid The Dreaded Delete Button

Your eNewsletter can be an effective marketing tool; however, it must stand out from “inbox clutter”. A well-executed eNewsletter helps you maintain relationships with your customers and establish rapport with potential new clients. In order to avoid your eNewsletter being sent straight to junk mail, consider both formatting and content.

Fine Formatting

Technical aspects must be user-friendly and capture attention. Your eNewsletter should:

display properly on a range of devices including a smartphone. All links must be easily clickable on a touchscreen be available in HTML and plain text versions. HTML versions are often blocked by firewalls

include alt text for when images aren’t loaded in an email be relatively short with links to longer articles on your website have a compelling subject line that arouses curiosity and promises to deliver useful information. “Would you like 100 000 more customers?” or “How to make a fortune without spending a cent” are examples of email subject lines that would entice readers.


Once customers open your email, the content must be dynamic enough for them to keep reading. Your digital messages should reflect the high quality and professionalism you would apply to other aspects of your marketing campaign. Your content should: be written in a personal, casual tone. This is your opportunity for customers to see behind the corporate mask and develop a sense that they matter to your business as individuals have eye-catching images. Cartoons, photographs, and other visual content can add to your eNewsletter’s appeal and draw readers’ attention to an article focus on being educational and informative. Offer tips, advice, and interesting stories to promote engagement. Only 10% should be devoted to advertising or readers will become disinterested avoid clutter. Centre your eNewsletter around a few key topics. Include interactive elements such as polls or free download offers have clear calls to action after each content block. You might want your readers to go to your website, read your blog or watch a video. Be specific and make it easy for readers to click.

Your eNewsletter can create an important bond between you and your customer. Take time to make it reader-friendly and give it a unique personality.

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