Digital Footprints: Use Inbound Marketing To Grow Your Business

Traditionally, companies have depended on outbound marketing techniques to attract new customers. Methods such as advertising, cold calling, email blasts and letterbox drops have become less effective and often irritate consumers. Over the past decade, there has been a shift in behavior with the majority of consumers doing research online prior to making a purchase. With proper inbound marketing strategies in place, your company can attract website visitors, turn them into leads and convert them into customers. Inbound marketing means that you do not have to actively search for potential customers – they will find you.

How Inbound Marketing Works

It is important that potential customers find details about your business when they are searching for the particular service or product you provide. Whereas outbound marketing is designed to interrupt consumers’ lives, inbound marketing should engage consumers by providing useful, inspiring content. Adopt these tools in order to entice customers.

  • Build an interesting website which truly differentiates your brand from similar products and services. Aim to engage visitors rather than using a “hard sell” approach

  • Choose a handful of keywords and optimize them to gain the best possible search engine rank for your website

  • Use an email opt-in system on your website. This will allow you to send eNewsletters or information about special offers and products

  • Provide value to your website visitors by offering items such as free eBooks or webinars. This allows you to show your expertise and build up goodwill

  • Create an active presence on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions, respond to questions and share ideas. Your aim is to build up followers who will come to understand your brand story

  • Develop an interactive blog which genuinely aims to be helpful and entertaining

  • Invite well-known people from your industry to guest blog. You might also offer to share your knowledge on other blogs or ezines.

  • Try to gain as many backlinks as possible for your website

  • Make sure your company appears in all the relevant directory listings for your service or product.

Quality Leads

Inbound marketing provides pre-qualified leads from people who are already interested in your product or service. It takes time rather than money and allows you to build up a relationship with

potential customers. Once you gain a reputation as a business that is willing to interact wwwwithwihtconsumers, your digital footprint will grow and future customers will easily find you.

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