The Facebook Or Twitter Business Dilemma

Social media engagement has become an important part of any marketing campaign and data shows Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest platforms in this field. These networking services operate in very different ways. Your target customers, overall goals, and budget will affect your decision.


Worldwide, Facebook has over 1.5 billion active monthly users, increasingly trending towards an middle aged to older demographic. Businesses create a page and at most post new content a few times weekly of varied length, including pictures or videos. Customers are encouraged to like your page in order to receive your content in their newsfeed. While highly desired by the business, sharing of business content with Facebook friends is tough and takes remarkable content to become viral.

Businesses are now finding it difficult to gain ‘organic’ reach without paid advertising. If you have the budget, this can be very effective channel as Facebook filters allow you to target people by age, location and interests.


Worldwide, Twitter has 500 million monthly users with young urban professionals making up a large part of the demographic. Users are more likely to follow businesses, celebrities, media and pop culture. You are limited to tweets 140 characters long, although pictures and videos can be included. The newsfeed moves fast, so businesses should tweet several times daily… if your content is worthy.

Users come to Twitter specifically looking for new and timely content, so they may be more likely to read your messages if your on the mark. Paid advertising is available, but you are less likely to need it on this smaller platform.

Making the Choice

Using social media to promote your business should be part of an integrated campaign that suits your brand story. Before using this strategy, consider your objectives.

Choose Facebook if:

  • your content is remarkable

  • you have limited time to create content and engage with followers online

  • you have the budget to amplify your efforts with paid advertising.

Choose Twitter if:

  • you are targeting millennials

  • you have things to say that people want immediately

  • you have the time to post, retweet and respond daily.

The Final Decision

The answer is in your content, time and target. If you have content that people need now Twitter may be the platform. Twitter is a big media platform for reporters and commentators to share time sensitive content ASAP. Facebook is an online community of casual scrolling. Facebook users do not seek content that has time urgency and often scroll over coffee or in transit.

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