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The Tech Juggernaut Rolls On

Marketing is constantly evolving as digital communications become more sophisticated and diverse. Consumers are now entering the marketplace who have never known life without the internet.

Young people today have conducted their lives online and they expect businesses to cater to their needs. In this changing landscape it is imperative to keep up to date with technology and online communications. Those who don’t make the effort will struggle to remain relevant.

These predictions about future trends in digital marketing will help you stay a step ahead.

Voice Search

Voice search is growing rapidly in popularity as devices like Alexa and Google Home become integrated into people’s lives. Australia is leading the pack when it comes to adoption of this technology. According to Edison Research, smart speaker ownership in Australia has tripled since early 2018. Teenagers are among the most enthusiastic users of this technology, which is an important predictor of future trends. The switch to voice search is changing SEO and potentially lowering conversions as Google pulls information from websites rather than directing people to them. There are many great guides for companies on how to become audio-responsive, but the reality is most businesses are not taking much notice. By including voice search optimisation in your marketing plan, you will give yourself an important head start.

Algorithm Updates

Algorithm updates will become more complex and harder to crack as Google’s understanding and analysis of user metrics become more detailed. Instead of just looking at content and backlink count as it did in the past, Google now evaluates how much time users spend on a site compared to other ranked sites, whether users are bouncing back to the Google listing page, and whether brand queries and click-through rates are increasing. To flourish in this environment, businesses need to understand potential customers needs and search methods intimately. Market research and a customer-focused approach will be more imperative than ever going forward.

Fresh Content

It’s no secret that the internet is saturated with written content. To put this in perspective there is currently one blogfor every seven people on the planet. As a result of this over-abundance, Google and other search engines have become very choosey about which posts and websites rank. Blogging as an SEO tool is not as effective today as it was even a few years ago, but it is still an ideal format to provide useful information and build authority. To remain competitive in the future, companies will need to devote time and resources to researching what content ranks and be more innovate with what they create. Older posts will need to be updated regularly because fresh, unique content will continue to be rewarded.

More Channels

The days when companies could build their online profile using one or two platforms are already over. The popular channels are saturated, and competition is fierce. To create a strong online presence, you need to leverage a range of channels, but this doesn’t mean jumping on every new platform.

Businesses should be discerning and research which channels customers are using first. The secret to future success will be finding emerging platforms and creating a presence before they become saturated. This involves time and research, but the investment will pay off. Diversification will also protect you if a major platform folds or changes.

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