Empowering Staff as Content Heros

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all agree that sharing magic moments through engaging content is vital to promoting tourism experiences. In this post we’ll talk about why you need to empower and invest in your staff to become content heros.

Benefits of Training Staff to Capture Content

How often are we missing the opportunity to share moments of meaning that visitors cherish on our tourism experiences? Taking the time to train your staff on content generation will ensure that your content receives the attention if deserves, leading to shares, clicks and conversions. Staff should know how to take photos from the best angles, use the rule of thirds and light conditions to support your brand image. Not only will your content quality and frequency sore, your photography budget will plummet.

Content Training Tips for Tourism

  • Ensure staff have a thorough understanding of your brand image, story and goals. Every piece of content should reinforce your image and story.

  • Include staff when creating your content plan and calendar as they are bound to have some excellent suggestion. Your content calendar should include the photos, videos and blog topics you want to share several weeks or months in advance.

  • Survey your staff to find out what skills they possess. There’s a good chance they already have some expertise in curating content, and you can work with these strengths.

  • If staff need more training in certain areas, give them time on the job to develop these skills and invest in online courses as needed.

  • Identify times within your experience timeline that can be allocated to content generation. I see some businesses viewing staff involvement in content generation as a distraction to core duties. If content generation becomes a core duty it's just a matter of timing like any other task.

  • While planning is important, encourage staff to also take spontaneous photos and videos to share, with customers’ permission. These are perfect for Instagram and Facebook Stories.

  • Your plan should include hashtags to help staff incentivise customers to capture, share and tag user-generated content.

  • Encourage staff to learn more about photography and share findings with the team. Did you know, for example, photos of people looking away from the camera create more engagement because viewers are better able to imagine themselves in the experience.

Training your staff to capture and edit content effectively is well worth the investment.

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