How to Target Facebook Ads to Travellers on Holiday

As Covid-19 restrictions ease across the country, people are keen to get out of the house and take a holiday. While overseas travel is limited for the foreseeable future, domestic travel is set to grow, with the government encouraging Australians to see their own country through the Love Australia Project.

One of the best ways to reach this burgeoning domestic market and create brand awareness is through Facebook advertising. Obviously, it’s important to target people who are planning a holiday, but don’t forget Facebook ads also allow you to reach people once they’ve started travelling.

In this article we show you how to effectively target Facebook ads to travellers already on holiday in your region.

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

Facebook has 1.62 billion visitors each day and over 60 per cent of internet users worldwide have a Facebook account. Australia is one of the most active countries in the world when it comes to social media, with 50 per cent of the population logging into Facebook at least once daily.

Users rely on Facebook for information, ideas and recommendations when travelling. Small businesses with limited budgets and those just starting out need to be very selective about what channels they use to promote their business. Most do not have the time and money to devote to expensive advertising campaigns and marketing tools, which is why Facebook ads are ideal.

Will Facebook Ads Benefit My Business?

Businesses can no longer rely on the organic reach of their content due to algorithm changes and Facebook’s continuing growth. By late 2019, the average reach for posts had decreased by 2.2%, meaning less than 6% of a brand’s audience could be expected to see its posts.

Facebook ads targeted at travellers put your business in front of the right people at the right time when they are making decisions about what to do next.

How to Target Travellers using Facebook Ads?

  • To define the geographic location of your target audience, in Ad Manager select ‘Audience’ and then ‘Location.’ You can choose the location based on postcode, city, state or country. If you choose a city, you can limit your reach to the city only or set boundaries within a specific distance from the city.

  • Once you’ve selected your location, you can refine your audience further by targeting all people living in this location, people recently in this location or people travelling in this location. The latter two are of particular interest to tourism operators. Under ‘Behaviours’ there is also an option to choose ‘currently travelling,’ but the options under ‘location’ yields better results.

  • Now it’s time to hone-in on your target markets’ age, gender and other demographics such as education, work and relationship status. If you’re promoting romantic getaways, relationship status is very handy. This category also allows you to reach the growing market of solo travellers. Under ‘Parent’ you can specify which families you want to reach based on children’s ages.

  • There are a wide range of choices under ‘Interests’ which allow you to get even more specific with your target audience based on the interests they’ve identified on their Facebook account. Adventure travel companies, for example, can choose ‘Sports and Outdoors’ and then narrow it down to specific activities such as fishing, boating or horseback riding. Under ‘Hobbies and activities’ they can choose ‘Travel’ and then ‘Adventure travel’ and refine it further to beaches, lakes or mountains.

  • Advertisers also have the option of targeting users by their device. 79% of users only access Facebook from the mobile app. Most people who are travelling will use a mobile phone, so it makes sense for tourism operators to choose this option.

Targeting travellers during holidays by using Facebooks ads allows you to reach the right audience at the right time. Like any marketing investment those businesses who trial difference ad types, messages and offers to practice ongoing learning and refinement will achieve the greatest ROI. Enjoy.

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