Tourism Marketing Health Check. Are you Ready?

Hello, I'm David Inches, founder and lead consultant at Inspired by Marketing and today I'm here to understand just how ready our beloved tourism community is for the new travel opportunity... and help those who seek some guidance.

I am hearing too much discussion for my liking around what deal should I offer, which channels should i advertise through and how much should I spend. The most compelling and influential questions come well before these discussions... so I have released a 3 minute online tourism health check designed to challenge your focus and thinking on the task of readiness for the new opportunity.

Everyone who completes this survey will receive a benchmark report to measure their status of readiness and a follow-up eNews from me with tips and directions around the 9 posed questions.

Its just 3 minutes of your time and I guarantee it will help immeasurably in your effort to plan and activate towards a new and evolving travel market opportunity. That's it for today, I'm David Inches and thanks for reading my blog... and until next time get yourself inspired by marketing, by for now.

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