Why the last question to answer is where to spend your promotion budget

Today I engaged a group of art students on setting their business up for success through focused marketing.

While these 4 foundation building blocks are tailored to art students, you will see they apply to any and every business.

1. Set Your Goals and Dreams

Anything is possible when you start with the end in mind.

Steven Covey shared the wisdom of ‘starting with the end in mind’ in his classic book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Having this perspective is critical for anyone in business.

Are you seeking to…

· Become rich and famous

· Earn enough money to sustain a primary income

· Fuel a lifestyle of travel

· Be your own boss

· Build a business asset that can be sold.

It may be a combination of goals and dreams that sets your course. It’s an important decision as the path to becoming rich and famous is different to shaping a passive income and lifestyle enabler. These goals may also shift over time as must your business and brand to reach your ultimate goals. Take the time to detail your future in great detail, the more specific the better. You must also find the courage to think without boundaries and barriers. Be brave.


· Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H6uJT16FtE

· Capture your goals and dreams in a narrative

· Create a vision board.

2. Define Your Audience

Your Goals and Dreams will inform the selection of audiences or tribes you’re seeking to engage. With todays connected world, artists have the luxury of reaching niches of customers, these are our tribes. Tribes by Seth Godin shares a view that marketing to the niches or tribes is where small business must focus to succeed. The tighter we can define our tribe the greater our chance of success will be. Your business path will be very different if your targeting the tribe of Animal lovers compared to Art Lovers or the Tourist tribe. Even within the Tourist tribe, those seeking to buy art as a special holiday memento will differ to the tea-towel set. Knowing your tribes and the order of priority to your business is another key success factor in shaping your art business.


· Watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=589tH-wtCak

· Define your target tribes

· List in order of priority

· Weight to their priority 100%

For example: Animal Lovers are #1 and 70% of my focus.

3. Write your Compelling Story

People buy into why we do things over how we do it or what we do. It is your unique and compelling story that will engage your tribe beyond your art. And it's more than the story around the art itself, it's the most interesting story around... the story of you. Start with Why by Simon Sinek offers a detailed approach to shaping your story of meaning. After you watch the video link below, start brainstorming key moments in your life that have influenced the artist you are and wish to become. Gather and organise these moments of meaning to write your story.


· Watch this 15m video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA&vl=en

· Capture your defining moments

· Write your Brand Story.

4. Define your Offer

Value Propositions build on your 'Why" by adding a more tangible promise to your story. There are two elements we must define for each tribe. One is your product or service... the second is why people should purchase your art. We can define our offer to each tribe using a simple formula.

A Value Proposition for artists targeting Animal Lovers could be...

For Animal Lovers seeking to capture their beloved friends in art...

Rachel Wolfe Artist creates the most impressive watercolour drawings of animals because...

she applies colour, fine precision and detail that brings your pet to life by capturing their unique personality…

leaving you feeling inspired, grateful and connected with your pet.


· Write a Value Propositions for each tribe.

Complete the 4 tasks above and watch your ROI on promotions skyrocket.

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