From concept creation to business case

Product development strategy and planning

 Approach to Innovation

New product development or existing product evolution is a detailed process of:


  1. Understanding the market and customer opportunity

  2. Shaping product or service options that deliver competitive advantage and premium margins

  3. Refinement based on customer and stakeholder feedback

  4. Detailed modeling and planning

  5. Implementation, learning and refining

vineyard product development and feasibility testing

Innovation Projects

Inspired by Marketing has worked on many and varied product development projects from Technology to Tourism and Financial Planning.


No matter the industry, product or services the Inspired methodlogy is transportable across any industry and business type. Product Development experience by industry includes Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Agriculture, Financial Services, Executive Recruitment, Wine,  Aquaculture, Construction, Events, Professional Services, Real Estate.

Tourism business case and feasibility testing

Innovation Testimonials

"Most importantly the final recommendations and ideas were grounded, yet innovative and creative and most importantly implementable, within the scope of our financial constraints"


Ross Brown

Founder and Director

Brown Brothers